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Welcome to Jeroensjourney 2!
Dear reader, Beste lezer,
Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
With love from Asia,
Jeroen Deva Geetesh (
(I check this e-mail not very often, so let me know, on my blog, that you sent me an e-mail)
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Truth, enlightenment and my own spiritual journey
The path, I already found out, is hilly and unpredictable. Healing, awareness, let alone enlightenment are not like training for a marathon. It is not that you simply have to run more to progress more, let alone that you can say anything about how you’ll feel.
Like probably most people, I started off on the path of healing and spiritual growth (or however you want to call it) to become happier. Or, as it was in the beginning: to become less unhappy. Then healing happened, emotional releases and catharsis took place and even very noticeable physical changes have shown me that healing is a reality. But without really planning it, from a path of therapeutic healing (albeit using much more effective tools than psychotherapy) I ended up on a path of deconditioning and meditation. From healing wounds and old pains I ended up on a path looking for truth. And, without ever desiring it, I have come in contact with masters whose only interest is in leading their disciples to enlightenment.
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Dear reader,
Do you know that feeling of ‘I have to….’? In the past days I have been observing my mood and my thoughts and have discovered that one of the things that negatively affects my mood more than anything is the feeling of ‘I have to’. Of course this happens when I procrastinate work, but a certain unsettled feeling is sometimes even there while I am working. Also when I do not really have to work and am just reading or relaxing often there is this feeling that ‘I have to do something’. And there is always something. Some DIY in the house, shopping, an e-mail that still needs to be replied, etc. etc.
As I understand it at the moment, there are two beliefs active here:
1. I can only relax after I have worked hard and well, when work is finished.
2. Work is ‘hard work’, it is not fun, it is not light and playful. 
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Dear reader,
I have written quite a few notes on conditionings, and since I continue to discover more conditionings in myself and in my fellow countrymen, I will write more. But before that, maybe it is interesting to read a few quotes of Osho:

"The mind is within you, but it is really a projection of the society inside you. It is not yours. No child is born with a mind. He is born with a brain. The brain is the mechanism; the mind is the ideology. The brain is fed by the society, and every society creates a mind according to its own conditionings. 
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Unless you drop your personality you will not be able to find your individuality. Individuality is given by existence; personality is imposed by the society. Personality is social convenience.
Society cannot tolerate individuality, because individuality will not follow like a sheep. Individuality has the quality of the lion; the lion moves alone. The sheep are always in the crowd, hoping that being in the crowd will feel cozy. Being in the crowd one feels more protected, secure. If somebody attacks, there is every possibility in a crowd to save yourself. But alone? - only the lions move alone.
And every one of you is born a lion, but the society goes on conditioning you, programming your mind as a sheep. It gives you a personality, a cozy personality, nice, very convenient, very obedient. Society wants slaves, not people who are absolutely dedicated to freedom. Society wants slaves because all the vested interests want obedience.
Osho One Seed Makes the Whole Earth Green Chapter 4
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06 February 2010
Being real - After the Path of Love
Dear reader,
I just completed an intensive group called Path of Love ( It comes in the form of a residential silent retreat that leads you deep into yourself. Despite having done about 30 weeks of these kind of groups and meditation retreats, this was a mind-blowing experience that, once again, went even deeper than anything that came before.
I won’t go into detail on what we did. That is kept secret in order to keep the surprise factor for all those that still want to do the process. But for all those that have done some serious emotional work there will be no really new things in it although the structure is ingeniously put together. And of course not knowing what is going to happen helps to go deeper.
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January 24th 2010
Fear (in me, in us in our society)
Dear all,
For me, the path of healing and spiritual growth continues to be the most rewarding and interesting thing I ever did. The deeper I dive inside my unconscious, my emotions and my childhood wounds, the more fascinating discoveries I make. The latest one is about fear.
Many, if not most of us, might say that fear plays no role worth mentioning in our lives. Materially we have everything we need, so what is there to be afraid about? For me, before I embarked on a path of healing and awareness, I thought that most emotions did not play a role in my life. I thought I had no anger, no sadness and no fear. Only there was this feeling that ‘something’ was missing. That, there must be more in life than this. And I did experienced stress on a regular basis.
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Dear reader,
In this weblog I write something that I haven't written about before. It is about what it means to be a Sannyasin. Two and a half years ago I took Sannyas and received a new name: Deva Geetesh. This is something that only weeks before I never imagined I would have done, but when I did it I felt I had no choice. Let me explain and tell you my story. Before writing about Sannyas though, I need to write something about me getting to know Osho.
A few years ago I did different courses for personal development and Buddhist and Taoist meditation retreats. Mainly in Thailand, but also in Europe. Over the course of less than a year, during those travels and in some of those courses, I met a number of people with interesting, non-western, names. These people were on a path of healing and spiritual growth, but they were different from most other ‘spiritual’ people I had met. They were down to earth, non-serious and above all, very alive. The women struck me as very sensual and beautiful.
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24 Nov 2009
Work ethic: Working hard
Dear reader,
You haven’t heard from me for a long time. While enough has happened I did not feel like writing. But now I have some interesting experiences and insights to share. Last week I did a primal therapy training in Osho Miasto in Italy and beside many other fascinating experiences and new insights one was really remarking.
One evening we did the Evening Meeting. That is a meditation which includes a video of the enlightened master Osho. The idea is not just to listen to the text but to be present in a meditative state. According to Osho what is relevant for you, for your healing or spiritual process is what you will pick up, consciously or unconsciously. In spiritual development it is not about intellectually understanding issues, but about being touched by what resonates in the depth of your being. This evening was going to surprise me.
On the video a woman asks a question: “I have come to understand that my belief is that nothing of value can be achieved without hard work…..” and she continues with her question which I forgot.
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Happiness = being connected
July 5th, 2009
Dear reader,
If you are on a path of personal (or 'spiritual' if you prefer that word) development, like me, you keep getting new insights about life in general and yourself in particular. One insight that I got over the last days, weeks and months is about connection. I am sure that being connected (I explain later what I mean with that) is vital for everyone but in my case being connected is almost a synonym of 'happiness' whereas being disconnected of 'unhappiness'.
Connected to what or who?
So what do I mean with 'being connected'. Connected to what or who? The answer to that question is 'connected to myself'. So what does that mean? In the first place it means being connected to my body. When I can feel my body I am present, there is awareness or consciousness. In the second place it means being connected to my emotions. When you really consciously experience your emotions, there is a beautiful aliveness in it. Whatever emotion it is. So I am not talking about being swept away by anger or sadness. No I mean whenever you experience your emotions without resistance and without emersing into your drama. Then there is connection...
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Where: Japan
When:   May 2009 
Japanese psyche – the perfectionists

Dear reader,

Back for my second visit in Japan, I will write a bit more (for previous blogs see Blogs about the Japanese) about this fascinating country with its fascinating culture. Before I continue let me say that I am loving it here like I did the previous time. The food is amazing, the people extremely helpful and friendly, public transport among the very best in the world, and the Zen temples and gardens beautiful and great places for meditation. But in this weblog I will focus on one typically Japanese character trait only.

Of course it is impossible to generalise the people of a country with 127 inhabitants, but there are certainly certain characteristics that are typically Japanese. One of the first one that springs to mind is perfectionism. I have a perfectionist streak myself and in the enneagram I am the number 1, the perfectionist.
So the Japanese are a good mirror for me. And, they are more perfectionist than me….
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