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Welcome to Jeroensjourney 2!
Dear reader, Beste lezer,
Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
With love from Asia,
Jeroen Deva Geetesh (
(I check this e-mail not very often, so let me know, on my blog, that you sent me an e-mail)
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Purpose, direction, new steps in life
14 November 2010
“Without a deep sense of purpose to direct your daily life, you will be directed by externals – financial need, your children’s needs, your lover’s needs – and you will begin to blame them for your lack of fulfillment. You will feel trapped in obligations, and your resentment will show.” 
David Deida, Blue Truth, page 121.
“When you have the courage to listen to your calling, all of life opens itself for you. When you follow your bliss – that which touches you deeply inside – doors open for you. If you do not listen to this calling, because you want to stay in your safe environment, life often dries out.”
Joseph Campbell. Quote in Verlicht Leven (Enlightened Living), Tijn Touber, page 17
Dear reader,
In the summer of 2005 the end of my relationship triggered a deep crisis which later turned out to be the start of my healing and awakening process: A process of healing inner (childhood) wounds and a process of searching for truth. My truth.

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Doing only what you like
“I don’t remember what it means to work, to toil, to do something unpleasant. I don’t distinguish between work and non-work, weekday and weekend. I don’t take holidays off or go on vacations. I probably spend, on average, four hours a day working, but I don’t think of it as work any more than I think of walking the dog as play or shopping for lunch as a chore.”  
“The idea of doing something I don’t feel like doing is almost absurd to me. If something needs doing, there will come a time when I feel like doing it. If that time doesn’t come, it doesn’t get done and didn’t need doing. “  
“I have no schedules appointments or set hours. I have no concept of duty or obligation, or responsibility.”  
Jed McKenna, Spiritual Warfare, page 83/84.
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My work as meditation – 2 - An old job with a new quality
Where:     Pune, India
When:      April 2009 
Dear reader,

I wrote in my previous weblog about how in work being in the moment and focusing on the process of the work rather than on the outcome can change the quality of your work experience. This of course is true for any experience in life. When you are fully aware, completely in the here and now and without any thoughts about other things, life gets a totally different ‘flavour’.

A few weeks ago, I worked for one week in the Indian city of Pune with the local authorities (Pune Municpal Corporation). My task was to lead workshops on how to create a city-centre urban renewal and mobility plan: An exciting job and also a very new experience for me. My younger colleague had prepared the outline of the workshop with his colleagues in Holland and it was up to me now to lead the workshops. In the weeks prior to the work I did feel a slight nervousness about how to do this, but as I was too busy with meditations and workshops in the Osho Meditation Resort I did not pay too much attention to these feelings and trusted that things would go fine.

The three days before my workweek I did a workshop called ‘passion for life’ and at the very end of it,
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Work as a meditation – 1 - Changing the way we work -  April 2009
Where:   Pune, India
When:    April 2009
Dear reader,
Over the last years you have been able to read some weblogs from me about my work. Or rather, about what to do for work. I do have a profession as a civil engineer and traffic planner and a job, but since I started my inner journey of personal or spiritual growth and healing (or whatever you want to call it) my attention and interest has shifted from the outer to the inner.  And with that I found myself less motivated for my work. 
At the same time I am aware of the unique work I do travelling around the world make cities and traffic more sustainable. It is work that gives me a lot of freedom, work that is badly needed and much asked.
After more than three years I have still not decided where to go with this but I have shifted my focus. Previously I was trying to make a decision about what to do. Do I want to become a therapist or a meditation leader? Do I want to continue with traffic planning but change the focus of the work? Etc., etc. Never did I get a clear answer to these questions.
Now I realise that it need not be that black and white: I either do this or that. I could explore both fields and also change the way I work, by using my work for my inner process for my personal growth and for meditation. That is what this weblog is about.
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How to do the things you don't feel like doing?
Dear reader,
Let me continue from the previous blog. Again this blog is as much a reminder for myself as for you. It is a big step ahead to focus on the positive and to focus on the things you want in life, but there will always still be things that we have to do but do not like to do. Every job has aspects you do not like, you might have to change the diaper of your baby while you feel like doing something else, or it might be raining and you have to go out for shopping. It could be anything. Only the enlightened have nothing in their lives they do not like because they have gone beyond liking and disliking. They flow with live wherever it brings them and they are the masters of their live. I myself, unfortunately, am not there yet .
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Work: My past, my present, my life, my future
Dear reader,
I just came back from the office of the organisation I work for on a free-lance basis and I don't feel happy. I felt like that before and in the last year or so I have had to kick myself over and over again to actual do my work. So what's going on?
What I feel is that this work, of which everybody I tell about say is wonderful, great, important and good, is my past, not my future. But it seems more than just my work, it is a way of life that is my past and that I don't want to be reminded about because I know something so much better is possible. Let me explain a bit more about it...
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Safety or Freedom?
Find underneath a part of a newsletter I recieved. I think it is nice to share it with you:
"Bob used to talk about the choice everyone faces:
To step through the door marked "Security" or to go through the door marked "Freedom."
He said most people choose the door of Security because they just want to be safe. What they don't realize is that there is no safety behind that door.
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Where:    Santiago de Chile
When:     31 October 2007 - 19 November 2007
Three weeks in Santiago de Chile: An impression with photos
Dear reader,
Yesterday, after three weeks, I left Santiago de Chile. As you can read in a previous blog I have been in Chile to give a training course for planners, designers and engineers on cycle-inclusive traffic planning or adapting the traffic system to safely integrate cycling as a fully fledged mode of urban transport. In this blog I will give an overview of my visit, including spare time activities, through a series of photographs.
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Where: Santiago de Chile
When: 31 October - 19 November
Urban cycling in Santiago de Chile and elsewhere in the world
Dear reader,
I have just finished giving a 4-day training course for cycle-inclusive traffic and transport planning in the capital of Chile. For those who do not know what I do for work: All over the world the awareness is growing that cycling is a mode of urban transport that can play an important role in solving urban traffic problem (congestion), creating more liveable, democratic and sustainable cities, reducing the number of traffic accidents, improving the environment, fighting poverty, improving the health of citizens and providing fast and efficient mobility at a low cost in a time of rising oil prices and a global climate change crisis.
So the company Interface for Cycling Expertise ( that I work for (free-lance at the moment) has as its mission to spread the longstanding experience the Netherlands have in this area all over the world. At the moment we are supported in doing that work in a four year international program (in many countries in Africa, Asia and latin America) by the Dutch Ministry of International Cooperation.  
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Where:   Santiago de Chile
When:    30 October 2007 - 18 November 2007
Giving a training course in Chile
Dear reader,
I just finished giving the first module of a training course to planners, engineers and cycle advocates on urban traffic planning with an emphasis on cycling in Santiago de Chile. Last year I gave a similar course in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and this is the first time I do it in Chile. This week I do it with one other Dutch colleague and because he doesn't speak Spanish I am doing most of the presentations and lead the discussions.
We had a first module on Strategic urban and traffic planning and about setting your goals and objectives. It was really succesfull and great to see how planners, engineers, academics and cycle advocates were working together. I also paid special attention to what I liked to do and what is less ' my thing'.
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