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Welcome to Jeroensjourney 2!
Dear reader, Beste lezer,
Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
With love from Asia,
Jeroen Deva Geetesh (
(I check this e-mail not very often, so let me know, on my blog, that you sent me an e-mail)
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Reactions are very welcome!
Where:  Santiago de Chile
When:   13 november 2007

Restlessness, moving, changing – a dream
Dear reader,
Last night I had a dream, existing of two parts, which showed quite well what is going on in my subconscious and where I am in my inner journey.
According to spiritual masters and many psychologists, dreams serve to process or express what we do not process, express or ‘solve’ in our day-life. So unfinished business, secret or suppressed desires and fantasies and sometimes fear, anger, sadness or jealousy that we are not even consciously aware of in our day-life, show up in symbolic language in our dreams. See below my dreams and what I think they mean....
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Where:   Chiang Mai
When:    31 January 2007
Three dreams:    Falling, Loving, Flying
Dear reader,
Last night I had three dreams that I remember. I'll tell you about what I remember underneath.
Dream 1: Falling
In my first dream I am in a house. I am somewhere upstairs and when my sister tries to follow me the stairs and parts of the floor collapse. I am afraid to fall.
Dream 2: Loving
Maybe the title is not right. But I'll tell what I dreamt. I was sitting on the lap of my ex-girlfriend and we are looking ahead as if looking at a theatre. I don't remember what I saw. What I do remember is that I feel good. literally, being in touch with my ex. I feel an urge to turn around and kiss her but that does not happen in my dream. Maybe more than love it is a lust for intimacy what I experience in the dream.
Dream 3: Flying
I am somewhere on my way to another destination. I have to change planes but am very late at the check in. I worry that I'll miss my flight. I have had this dream, or a similar dream many many times.
Emotional context
I am in my tiny room in Chiang Mai just back from my Taoist retreat and thinking about what to do next. My first priority is to find a bigger and nicer room, but when I arrived a few days earlier almost all guest houses where full. I don't sleep very well and maybe are a bit restless since I am
Explanation dream 1 &  3
Dream 1 and 3 are pretty straightforward I think. Both are about a feeling of unsettledness. One is actually having a house, which according to some is our self, that however seems to fall apart. Also I am already upstairs which is the realm (talking with psychosynthesis) of the spiritual and inspiration. But it does not feel stable yet.
That is very appropriate as I definitely haven't found my direction yet.
In the other dream I try to get 'up there' by taking a plane but I am afraid to miss the plane. Some unconscious fear that I won't find the inspiration and direction I am looking for?
Anyway, bot dreams also reflected my state of mind at that moment as not having the room I feel comfortable in. Particularly since I do so much meditation and practices, a good basis is very important for me as it was when I landed in my apartment in The Hague after my breakup over a year ago. Also then I spent most time in my home and that way managed to built myself up again (emotionally).
Insight 1: For me, a good physical place to be is very important. I have always been very sensitive to atmosphere. As much as I like good food, I would rather go to a very nice atmospheric restaurant (see this one in Japan for instance) that serves mediocre food than to an excellent restaurant with no atmosphere. This is in line with my star sign Taurus, which is about 'the physical, the material and an earth sign'. Taurus, so they say, loves beautiful things (as well as nice food which sustains the physical body). For me that makes sense.
--> For my anti-career: Making physical places (buildings, cities) more beautiful is in alignment with my higher self (e.g. with what is important to me).
Insight 2: As I wrote before. I am still in a place of searching for direction. That is okay, but it is not strange that this uncertainty comes with some unconsious fears as my dreams revealed.
Explanation dream 2
I find it harder to explain this one. I don't think it is about my ex. It didn't feel that way. She has just become a symbol for love. I guess it is more about a longing for initmacy, love and sexuality in general. Not so strange after 18 months without a love relationship. So a typical Freudian dream, that probably also shows that I am ready for a new relationship. Which is a good thing.
That's it for now. All the best and sweet dreams,
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Where:  Koh Tao
When:   24-12-2006, 5.00 am.
Dream: A (life) journey or game
Dear reader,
Another overdue log. But in the category 'dreams and insights' it is not really relevant when it happened.
I had the following dream:
I am with other people in a house. I know (in the dream) that I know these people. We have packed our backpacks to leave soon. Suddenly the light goes off and the others (3 or 4 people) run away. I follow but my backpack is still open. By the time I am outside they are gone.
On the floor is a pack of cards and a board game [bordspel]. I know (in the dream) that it is an old Taoist game. I start to figure out what the assignment [opdracht] is. It is kind of a search [speurtocht] and although my first reaction was to give up when everyone ran away, I decide to go on and play the game.
Then it starts raining, but it is warm and I don't mind.
For some reason I walk back into the house for a moment. When I come back the board game is gone.
I don't really understand everything, but I'll give it a try.
It is clear that, with some others, I am ready to go on a journey. Then something unexpected happens (the light goes off) and I have to go on the journey alone.
My first reaction is to give up, but I then decide to embrace the challenge, even when it is becoming harder (It starts raining. I generally don't like rain. But in dreams water also stands for emotions) I don't give up.
I see the journey/game as the life journey and the challenge of personal and spiritual growth. It is a journey that I wanted to embarq upon with others (in this case with my girlfriend), but then the light goes off (end of my relationship) and I am on my own. I finally decide to take up the challenge alone.
I sometimes feel like that. Why can't I do this journey together with others. But most of the time it is very clear to me that although other people provide me with mirrors, inspiration through their life stories or just nice company, the inner, spiritual, journey in essence is a lonely journey, because it is essentially my personal journey. So many people can tell me they are happy with this or that or this or that kind of life. The task really is to figure out what makes me happy. What is authentically me. Even if that is different from what the rest of the world thinks.
Interesting how in the dream the game is a Taoist game. It is beyond doubt that my retreats and my daily Taoist practices play an important role in my healing, growth and spiritual journey.
Any other ideas? Your reaction is welcome.
Take care,
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A New Rubriek:    Dreams & Insights
Dear reader,
I am currently on a spiritual journey to find what is authentically 'me' so that I'll be able to express myself in the way I live my life and in the work I do. To find this 'direction' I do (writing) exercises and meditations and reflect upon what I read in 'spiritual' books.
But one of the best sources to access the unconscious is through dreams. I have written down many dreams over the last year or so and will post some of the most interesting ones on this weblog with my own explanation of it. I think there is not one explanation and the same thing can mean different things for different people. If you love dogs dreaming about dogs will  or might have a different meaning then when you are afraid of dogs.
Nevertheless, I would like to invite anyone who has an idea what my dream means, to react and let me know as that might well help me to get more insight into it.
I will also post any other significant insights in this rubriek that I don't want to forget and/or want to share with you.
All the best,
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