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Welcome to Jeroensjourney 2!
Dear reader, Beste lezer,
Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
With love from Asia,
Jeroen Deva Geetesh (
(I check this e-mail not very often, so let me know, on my blog, that you sent me an e-mail)
Je reactie is van harte welkom!     
Reactions are very welcome!
January 24th 2010
Fear (in me, in us in our society)
Dear all,
For me, the path of healing and spiritual growth continues to be the most rewarding and interesting thing I ever did. The deeper I dive inside my unconscious, my emotions and my childhood wounds, the more fascinating discoveries I make. The latest one is about fear.
Many, if not most of us, might say that fear plays no role worth mentioning in our lives. Materially we have everything we need, so what is there to be afraid about? For me, before I embarked on a path of healing and awareness, I thought that most emotions did not play a role in my life. I thought I had no anger, no sadness and no fear. Only there was this feeling that ‘something’ was missing. That, there must be more in life than this. And I did experienced stress on a regular basis.
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Letting go of control
In my previous weblogs I wrote a little bit about work and the need to control. The world is full of control freaks and I was one of the worst of them. That has changed. It is not all history but for me the need to control is much less than it was before.
When a friend told me about how my last blog triggered him - he recognised himself in it - I replied him with an e-mail that, with some alterations, I publish below. 
Knowing that you suffer from a need (or obsession) to control is only the start and not enough to change it, because it is something that is really in your system, it becomes part of you.
For me the change, the healing, has happened due to three things:
1. External circumstances that forced me to let go
2. Many healing workshops and sessions and healing meditations
3. Meditation and awareness
Control is a defence mechanism. There are many different reasons why people develop a need to control, but let me analyse a bit my own one as an example.
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Mysore, India, 24 December 2008
No urge to write and the ego
Dear reader,
It has been ages ago since you heard from me and that is not because nothing is happening. I spent a few weeks in Australia and the last 6 weeks in India but I simply had no real urge to write. Yes part of the reason of not writing was that I have been working (both in Australia and India), been meditating (in India) and not been travelling alone (when you travel alone there is, at least for me, a greater urge to write)...
But the main reason of not writing has been that I had no urge to write. This is quite unique for me as I have, in the previous years, had a very strong urge to write, an urge to share my experiences with others. There is something behind this. One reason for the need to write was my need to be heard. This is something many people have as our society, our teachers, our priests (for the most unlucky ones) and our parents often want to make us something else than we are. Or, as also happened with me, we do what we think others (parents, teachers, friends, society, etc.) want from us to get approval and love, or what we think is love.
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Pune, India, 9 November 2008
Dear all,
Hou haven't heard from me for a long time. I have been too busy to write. I recently started what you could call Jeroensjourney 3. A 7 months journey through Australia, India, Thailand and Japan.
After two weeks for work and pleasure in Australia I am currently for work in Pune, India. Last week I did an amazing healing and meditation workshop about healing childhood issues and parental conditioning here in the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, called Primal Rebirth
It was an amazing week and I literally feel reborn. Looser, relaxter, more sensitive, happier, calmer.... All great. Life is such a gift! But the vast majority of the people lives only such a small part of their real potential. In these courses I feel how I become more and more myself and each time I discover that there are old wounds that I did not know about and that were healed. Wow..... Thank you existence for having put me on this path!!
With love from India,
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This is a weblog I wrote quite a while ago. It is a follow up on the weblog about how my physical body changed.
How my personality changed
Dear reader,
After writing how healing and therapies changed my body I will write about what it of course was all about: to change my personality to become a more balanced, emotionally and mentally healthy and a happier person.
Let me begin to describe what my understanding of the word 'personality' is. Our personality is the set of character traits, habits, patterns and beliefs that we are born with or have developed in the course of our lives.
So one person is fearful, another is arrogant, another has issues with anger, another is extrovert, one eats to much, another drinks too much, one is very social, another a loner, one is perfectionist and ambitious, the other sloppy and lazy, one has fear of abandonment another a fear for commitment, one is self-confident another has a lack of self esteem, one trusts people and beliefs that others are trustworthy while another distrusts everyone, one beliefs that he has the power to create his own life while the other takes whatever happens in his or her life as the will of God, one has difficulty expressing his or her feelings, another starts crying at the smallest adversary, one is crazy about sports and the outdoors the other is a coach potatoe, etc., etc.  
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The Netherlands
May, 2008
How my body changed
Dear reader,
At a nice dinner with work-colleagues yesterday I was asked: "Have all your meditation and courses in the last few years changed you?", "Or are you still the same Jeroen you were 5 years ago?"
My immediate answer was: "I have defnitely changed and am not who I was 5 years ago."
I mentioned a concrete example of something that had changed, but there is obviously much more. It is actually a very interesting question. Of course we all change. Everything always changes. Nobody is the same person he was 5 years ago. His or her body has changed and the life experiences of the previous years have also changed him or her. If everything goes well, our life experiences make that we do not only grow older but actually also grow wiser as we age. Unfortunately the opposite can also happen when over the years we get more and more imprisoned in our (limited) belief systems and psycho-emotional patterns rather than becoming freer and freer and freer of them.   
In this weblog I will start to describe the physical, bodily changes I have experienced over the last years as a result of (holisitic) healing.
And when it comes to our psycho-somatic development we see that for most people the norm is to become stiffer and stiffer over time, both physically and mentally, until in the end this stiffness leads to pains and illnesses. Fortunately by healing this process can be slowed down and even be reversed.
In this weblog I will relate a bit about how I have changed. How is my current personality and body-mind different from the one I had about 5 years ago?
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When: May 2008
Addressing the issues in your life: a mirror for me
Dear reader,
In several weblogs in the past years I have written about mirrors. Everything and everybody you encounter in your life is a mirror of yourself. What you see is nothing but a part of yourself. When a part you like about yourself is mirrored you feel good, and when a part you don't like about yourself is mirrored you feel bad. It is that simple, but unfortunately we are often so unaware or know ourselves so badly that we do not realise that what annoys us in the other person is nothing else than what annoys you in yourself.
In this weblog I write about a a relationship I have with a friend that gets me hooked and I'l explain why. 
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Where:   Mexico
When:    23 April 2008
EMF Balancing Technique and my Stiff Neck
Dear reader,
The offer in the Spritual Supermarket seems to get bigger and bigger and with it the possibilities for growth, healing and an ever more happy and fulfilling life. I don´t know if you have ever heard of Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique, or in short EMF Balancing Technique? Until very recently I had not, until my girlfriend told me about it and how much good it had done for her and many of her friends.
So I was interested. I am always interested in faster ways of healing and spiritual growth as long as it does not involve dogmatism, religious fanatism or other things that I feel uncomfortable about. Although the EMF Balancing Technique sounds quite airy-fairy, my experiences with auras and energy work make that I am not so quickly to judge anymore. And my girlfriend is a reliable source of information and the woman who gives the sessions is a lovely and strong woman who I really trust.
So yesterday I had my first EMF Balancing Technique session.
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Where: Chiang Mai
When:  Wenesday 20 February 2008
Cranio sacral healing experience in Chiang Mai
Dear reader,
I just had a cranio sacral therapy session. I have done this man times before in Chiang Mai, but now that my 'regular' therapist was not in the country (she travels around the world offering her services) I found someone else. Tameer, the woman who treated me was trained in a three year course in the Osho Centre in Pune (India) and as I had my Osho Humaniversity T-shirt on we immediately had something to talk about. (although that is always very easy with healers).
Tameer met her husband in the Osho centre in Pune and then moved with him to the Thai Island Koh Samui where they lived together for 9 years. Then they got divorced and Tameer moved to Chiang Mai because she did not feel like moving back to her cold home country Canada.
Chiang Mai is a city that is becoming a hub for massage courses and all kinds of healers. So it is a nice place to be and I love coming back here doing sessions for half the price or less of what I would pay in Holland.
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Where:    Chiang Mai, Thialand
When:     18 January - 23 February 2008
Looking and feeling great in Thailand
Dear readers,
Sometimes you need some external feedback to realise how good you are doing. I have healed a lot and grown a lot spiritually in the last few years and then it is interesting to meet people again after not having seen them for a year.
When I just arrived in Tao Garden one of my friends said:
"You look good, you look longer, you look taller."
Then another friend, who I had not seen for a year, told me:
"You look bigger", meaning taller as well.
My Taoist teacher said:
"You look more substantial, more chi."
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