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Welcome to Jeroensjourney 2!
Dear reader, Beste lezer,
Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
With love from Asia,
Jeroen Deva Geetesh (
(I check this e-mail not very often, so let me know, on my blog, that you sent me an e-mail)
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Reactions are very welcome!
"Believe it or not, life is set up to keep you on the cosmic highway to ever increasing fulfillment, joy and happiness"
"Unfortunately most people got off the track, like those little toy cars that hit the wall and keep spinning their wheels, trying to go through the wall, instead of turning back on track."
Debbie Ford in 'The Passion Test'
I like these sentences and think they are true. But the challenge remains to keep growing and to flow with life instead of becoming a 'toy car'.
(Seems very easy here in wonderful Thailand, but it is not always like that in my 'normal' life.)
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Where:  The Hague, The Netherlands
When:    October 2007
Challenges of the 'practice life'
"Our difficulties are not obstacles to the path; they are the path itself.
They are opportunities to awaken."
"We are learning what it means to be willing
to be with whatever life presents us. Even if we don't like it we understand
that this difficulty is our practice, our path, our life."
    Ezra Bayda in 'Being Zen'
Dear reader, in this blog I will write about what I am going through at the moment being far away from my girlfriend and with an uncertain future. I'll use the above quotes as a stepping stone for my blog.
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Time for a quote:
"Zen shapes our senses and intensifies our powers of perception, and thus enriches all our experiences. The ordinary becomes extra-ordinary"
   Michael Paul in "Living Zen"
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Because it is time to start cooking, but I still like to write something. Just a quote now:
"There are two ways to get lost. One is in the world of things. Money, power, prestige, property.....
The other is in the world of thoughts.
Philosophy, religious scriptures, systems, dogmas, ideas, beliefs....
The second one is more dangerous than the first."
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"Only the morally weak feel compelled to defend or explain themselves to others".
"Let the quality of your deeds speak on your behalf. We cannot control the impressions others form about us"
Epictetus in "The Art of Living"
Oops. That one stoke a chord!
All to often do I feel the need or at least desire to explain myself. Of course what Epictetus (Greek philosopher, 55 AD) meant was to explain a certain behaviour or certain words that could be explained in a negative way. Most of what I explain on this weblog falls, I think, not under that category.
But I have a tendency to write long e-mails to explain myself. All to afraid that the other person would not understand or think bad of me. These words of Epictetus, maybe more than any, made me realise that I still have a way to go on the path of spirtual growth. And being accused of moral weakness is not nice of course. (Buddha would certainly have used more compassionate words for this, but Epictetus straightforward, direct wording certainly woke me up).
Just thinking: "you think what you want, that is your interpretation, not my business", is not something I often do. But I do see Epictetus point. If you can do that, that certainly shows strength. It shows you know you are doing the right thing or doing things with the right intension, so you don't have to worry what others think.
Let me explain a recent situation where I did not defend myself but had to control myself not to do that.
We, me and my three Indian colleagues, where underway by car to the city of Nanded where we were going to work. I asked to stop at a fruit stall to buy some fruit. As the deal was that all my daily costs were provided by my local boss, he was kind of buying the fruit. But I wanted to buy what I wanted and selected the fruits I liked. He then added some more and said "we can share".
I replied that I just wanted to buy what I needed myself. He then said "you can have it all'. That sounded like I didn't want to share. The issue was however that I didn't want to buy too much and then have to throw away things, something I hate to do. I guess I left the wrong impression but somehow didn't explain myself. But I have to admit that I did think afterwards: "What must they have thought? That I am some selfish....". But now I think it didn't matter, my deeds throughout the weeks have spoken for themselves I guess.
Anyway, I am gona try out Epictetus wisdom and see how that feels. See if I can not be "morally weak" anymore. Pfff, sometimes spiritual growth is pretty tough :-).
All the best,
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