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Welcome to Jeroensjourney 2!
Dear reader, Beste lezer,
Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
With love from Asia,
Jeroen Deva Geetesh (
(I check this e-mail not very often, so let me know, on my blog, that you sent me an e-mail)
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Reactions are very welcome!
When:    September 2007
Where:  Mexico 
New photos Mexico
Dear reader,
I posted some photos in my fotoalbum of the time I spent in Mexico (the whole month of September) visiting my Mexican girlfriend. Have a look....
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When:      31 August - 28 September 2007
Where:    In and around Mexico-city
Four weeks in Mexico
Dear readers,
You haven't heard much from me lately. That is because I have been busy travelling in Mexico and in Texas and with work since I am back home in Holland. I am not going to write a detailed report of all my time in Mexico, but will provide a short flash back, with photos, of my time in the country of cactusses and jalapeno peppers.
With my girlfriend
The reason I went to Mexico, however,  was not to visit Mexico, but to visit my girlfriend. After having met, and fallen in love, during the WOW at the Humaniversity, and after having spent 5 days together in Holland, I was so madly in love that the only sensible thing to do seemed to travel to Mexico as soon as possible to visit her in her home country of Mexico. And so I did.
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Openness & Honesty - 4: Relationships
Dear reader,
My series about openness and honesty goes on. This time about honesty and openness in (love) relationships.  How honest and open should you be with your beloved? My answer is that the more you can share with your partner the better it is. That means also opening up about things that your partner does that you are not happy about or about thoughts or ideas you have that you feel uncomfortable about sharing.
So should you tell him or her when you suddenly start fancying other men or women? That happened in my previous relationship and I then did not appreciate my girlfriend's honesty. It was very painful and caused a lot of stress, but it also allowed us to talk about it, gave us a change to deal with it as good as possible gave me the possibilityto prepare for a possible end of the relationship and, in this case, dealing with my fears. Whatever suffering it caused, at least it made that the breakup, however painful, did not come as a complete surprise.
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Where:    Mexico
When:     31 August - 5 October 2007
Love, Love, Mexico
Dear reader,
Just over two months after arriving I have, again, left Europe. I seem unable to spend a prolonged period of time in my continent of origin and this time my stay was even shorter than last year. But this time it is not my spiritual path, nor work that brings me to Asia or Latin America, but love. 

Falling in love
I have written a couple of blogs about the WOW, the month-long intense self-awareness workshop I did and about me falling in love. Without playing down the physical and emotional transformation and the many insights about my patterns and issues, that the WOW has brought me, the most amazing, and pleasant, ‘effect’ of the WOW was falling in love with such a beautiful (in every way) woman.
So for anyone who has read my 1 April blog and did not realise it was a joke: I am not marrying an Indian girl but are madly in love with a Mexican girl!

After my last (and first!) relationship ended my expectation was that falling in love a second time would never be as intense an experience as it was the first time. How wrong I was! Of course it is different. I am different and she is a different woman, but it is at least as intense. Fireworks! The attraction is very strong, but I also feel very at ease and relaxed when I am with her. We have a lot of fun, it was through humor that we first clicked, but we also spent long periods of time looking into each other’s eyes in a kind of meditation that I cannot describe, but it is something that I have never experienced before.
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Where:   Egmond aan Zee, Osho Humaniversity
When:    15 July - 10 August 2007
Wow-experience: Relating & Falling in love
Dear reader,
The one thing that the WOW (and the Humaniversity) offers that many of my previous healings and spiritual retreats and practices did not offer was relating. And that was also the reason I chose to do this workshop. It is all great to have inner peace when sitting on your own on a mountain top or quietly in a Buddhist monastry or something, but the real test of mental, emotional and spiritual sanity is in relation with others. Other people trigger things in you and mirror you and thus can help you to grow as my last girlfriend showed me more than anyone else. So time, after two years of spending a lot of time on my own meditating, reading, doing chi kung and just travelling around, to go deep into relating....
During the WOW you have almost no time to yourself. Almost no time alone. In the beginning that was hard. I am so used to spend a lot of time alone and since I meditate regularly I have learnt to really really enjoy being alone. Being with myself. So no surprise that the continuous presence of other people was not easy at the beginning. But I got accustomed to it pretty soon.
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Where:   Rishis, Club for free souls, Amsterdam,
When:    Saturday 30 June 2007
'Spiritual party' in Amsterdam
Dear reader,
As I wrote in my previous blog, being back in Holland wasn't all great. Cloudy weather and 'cloudy' Dutch faces - maybe it is the weather but I think there is a lot we can learn from the Thai: SMILE! - didn't help. But soon enough I realised that I met many of the lovely and amazing people (at least the Westerners) in, ehh, 'spiritual' places like meditation retreats, Osho's Meditation Centre and 'yoga town' Rishikesh. So why not look for similar environments in Holland.
Although in Holland spirituality does not lie on the street like in India, there is a large, and growing, group of people that realises that there is more to life - or who hit a brick wall like me ;-) - and who 'endulges' into all kinds of spiritual activities. When I am looking for therapies, healing, massage, meditation, etc there is little I can not find in Holland.
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How Men and Women handle Relationships Break-ups
Dear reader,
You haven't heard me talking for a long time about break-ups, or my break-up. That is a good sign! It now really is 99% history. That one percent is for these times that I miss what we had, not that I miss her or want her back now.
(For those who read this and haven't read my relationship history and what my break-up caused in my life, and want to read more, have a look at
I couldn't help getting dragged into the article about this issue that I found on Yahoo. I posted it underneath plus a small selection of the huge amounts of reactions. I have to admit, it is still consoling to read that what was by far the most horrible thing I ever experienced in my life is equally tough on so many other people. The good news of course is that that painful experience also catapulted my personal growth and healing and that is a real blessing.
Is a break-up more difficult to deal with for a man than for a woman? I definitely think that it is harder if the
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