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Welcome to Jeroensjourney 2!
Dear reader, Beste lezer,
Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
With love from Asia,
Jeroen Deva Geetesh (
(I check this e-mail not very often, so let me know, on my blog, that you sent me an e-mail)
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Monday 6 October 2008
More trouble for US to come if he were elected president?
Dear reader,
Like 4 and 8 years ago I am closely following the US elections. And like 4 and 8 years ago I am stunned that a candidate who is clearly not what the US needs right now seems not on track for a landslide loss. Eight years ago there was a very intelligent candidate who understood the real problems we are facing (like climate change) and who later even won the Nobel Prize, Mr. Al Gore, against a candidate, Mr. George Bush, who had screwed up every business he had been in in his life and who had no clue what was going on in the world.
The American people elected the latter one (GW Bush) and he even made a bigger mess than I could ever have imagined.
Eight years ago, after 8 years of a democratic president, the US was a very wealthy country with a budget surplus and low unemployment. After 8 years of Republican reign the US...
- Is more unpopular than ever (which also affects the economy),
- Has a much larger national debt than 8 years before,
- Has a national currency that is worth much less than 8 years earlier
- Is still spending billions every month on a war that has given terrorists more, rather than less, space to play by overtrowing a dictator (Saddam Hussein) who hated Al Queda 
- Is in a big banking crisis because banks had gotten too much freedom to do whatever they like
- Has a higher and faster rising unemployment
- Is a country where people have to leave their houses by the thousands because they can no longer pay the mortgage (believe me there are some troubles in Europe, but that doesn't happen here).
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The Netherlands
May 2008
Crazy climate
Dear reader,
I have always been interested in the weather. I like sunny weather and I hate rain or weeks of cloudy days that we sometimes have here in Holland, so I always, like many Dutch, pay attention to the forcasts and the weather reports.
And I have to say it is becoming more and more interesting. The weather is going more and more crazy every year, so much so that you wonder if we can still speak about climate. If there are days in Januari of 14 degrees and days in July of 12 degrees. What's then the climate if +2 is normal for January, and +22 for July?
For those few Ostriches (struisvogels) who still have their heads in the sand saying that there is no climate change, or that this is all perfectly natural, it is getting harder and harder. They have to stick there head deeper and deeper in the sand to limit their contact with reality. But this is not what I wanted to write about in this weblog.
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Americans drove less in 2007 for first time: government
Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:31 pm EDT 
As gasoline prices broke records in 2007, Americans cut back on their driving for the first time in more than 20 years, according to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration.
Total travel fell 0.4 percent to 3.00 trillion miles from 3.01 trillion miles in 2006.
In December, when U.S. retail gasoline averaged $3.02 a gallon, travel fell 3.9 percent to 236.6 billion miles from 246.3 billion miles in 2006.
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The superior female: The need for YIN in our world and our life
Dear reader,
I write this blog inspired by my 12-day darkness retreat in Thailand (see previous blogs, 1, 2, 3). The idea of voluntarily spending almost two weeks in complete darkness is alien to most people. The reactions I got from people who are not meditating or having any other serious spriritual practice is generally negative. As one friend told me: "Wow, complete darkness. They used to do that to people as a means of torture."
Let me first be honest: doing a similar retreat in solitary confinement is, I have now doubt, a very different experience from the one we had with teachings and the constant presence of other human beings. It made that I often found it 'too easy'. I am curious what would happen if I would spend more time alone. At least having a room alone instead of sharing would make a difference.
But even apart from that: many people have negative associations with "darkness". Darkness is sometimes equated with 'evil', being the opposite of 'light'. The light we are all looking for. Your 'dark side' is your 'negative' side. And I can go on for a while. In the rest of my blog I'll explain a bit why darkness is as important and beautiful as light and why there is no light without darkness.  
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