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Welcome to Jeroensjourney 2!
Dear reader, Beste lezer,
Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
With love from Asia,
Jeroen Deva Geetesh (
(I check this e-mail not very often, so let me know, on my blog, that you sent me an e-mail)
Je reactie is van harte welkom!     
Reactions are very welcome!

Tao Te Ching verse 74:

"At birth a person is soft and yielding,
at death stiff and hard.

All beings, the grass, the trees: alive, soft, and yielding;
dead, stiff, and hard.

Therefore the hard and inflexible are friends of death.
The soft and yielding are friends of life.

An unyielding army is destroyed.
An unbending tree breaks.

The hard must humble itself or be otherwise humbled.
The soft will ultimately ascend."

So interesting to read this verse again. For most wisdom and real understanding of life and our true nature we only need to look at nature as the Taoists so deeply did.
Jut reading this it strikes me again how our whole society focuses on how to become harder and tougher. Train, resist, develop will power, learn to fight, compete, work hard..... And yes, many, many break, just to be fixed again to continue with the same insanity.

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Where: Tao garden, Thailand
When:   2-10 February or (more likely) 2-17 February
Darkness Retreat: 7 or 14 days in complete darkness 
Dear Reader,
In the next week(s) you will not hear from me (and cannot reach me by e-mail either) as I will be doing a Taoist darkroom meditation retreat from today till probably February 18th. It will be one or two weeks in complete darkness. I am sure it will be an amazing experience doing Lesser and greater Kan and Li  meditations. Whatever that means. But the darkness does all kinds of things with your brain, including creating feelings of bliss as far as they told me. And of course lot's of sleeping ;-).
I'll let you know what it is like in a few weeks,
All the best from a sunny Tao Garden,
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Cultivating Sexual Energy the Taoist Way
Dear readers,
Taoist course in Romania
My Toaist teacher and friend, Andy, sent me an e-mail about a new Taoist course in Romania and the request to pass this one one. Here the link for those who are still interested after reading this blog ( You can find more information about the Healing Tao and Taoism on my old weblog if you click here), and of course on the Tao Garden website
As it looks now I will still be in Asia (or maybe the Middle East) when the course takes place in June, so I am afraid I won't be there this time. Last year the course (in September 2006) was an amazing experience and one of the big healing breakthroughs that has made my life so much more pleasant. I still practice some of the amazing practices I learnt there every day and they have enriched my life in an unbelievable way.
The course included all kinds of things, but one of the things I have learnt to understand there is what sexual energy is and how you can cultivate it with what the Universal Tao calls: Healing Love.
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My Chinese Astrology of the 5 Elements
Dear reader,
I got my Chinese Astrology chart done in Tao Garden. I always used to be skeptical about astrology, until years ago when I read someting about my star sign that really made sense.
Anyway, it is always fun to do, and a bonus if it can help you to get to know yourself and your tendencies better.
Chinese astrology is not only the one with the birth years (where I am a monkey), but if you know the exact date and time of birth Chinese astrology tells you the contribution of the 5 elements at the moment of your birth.
The 5 elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal and correspond to the 5 main organs, different emotions and the seasons (with indian summer as fifth season). There is much much more to know about it than what I know, but I'll just tell you about my chart and how it is useful for me.
Underneath, first the 5 elements and the emotions related to the different organs:
Negative emotions
Positive emotions
Anger, frustration, stress
Kindness, generosity, forgiveness
Hatred, hastiness, dishonesty, cruelty
Love, joy, compassion, appreciation
Spleen (stomach)
Indian Summer
Worry, anxiety, mistrust, too much thinking
Openness, trust, fairness
Sadness, depression, grief
Courage, righteousness, honesty
Fear, trauma, phobia
Gentleness, calmness, stillness
Many of the Taoist practices (such as inner smile and healing sounds) make the organs strong and healthy and transform the negative emotions in each organ into energy and cultivate the positive emotions. It sounds weird, but this thousands of years ancient wisdom actually works.
My chart:
I am what is called a very weak fire person. My chart is as folows:
Wood:    0%
Fire:       37%
Earth:    42%
Metal:    11%
Water:   11%
So somehow (even though not the largest percentage) fire is my main element. I can relate to that as I can be very passionate about things, love is important in my life (when it is there it is very strong and defining) and I like hot (food, weather, whatever).
Earth is the element with the biggest percentage. Here I can relate more with the negative emotions as worry, too much thinking and lack of trust (not in other people but in general that things will be okay. Call it trust in the universe or as Chrisitans would say god).
Okay, the above I still find a bit difficult to interpret, but let's go to explain the disbalance in the whole chart. As everything in Taoism, this also is about balance. So a completely balanced chart would be 20% for each element. If there is a disbalance, as there is in general, you need to balance that, according to Taoist wisdom, with your lifestyle.
My main problem is lack of wood. For a number of reasons. Not alone because I have 0% wood, but also because wood nourishes fire, and as I am a fire person that nourishment is needed (even though I have 37% fire). On top of that, wood controls earth (by permeating the soil).
Strengthening metal or water is not good as metal curbs the wood, and water controls the fire. Neither of those is advisable for me.
So, that's the advice I got from my friend Andy, one of the instructors in Tao Garden, I need to strengthen wood. That means having a lot of wood in your home, wearing green, having plants and trees around you. That kind of things. I have to admit that this advice makes a lot of sense. I always had a lot of wooden furniture in my house and when I do open-eyed meditation focussing on trees that feels really good and in guest houses with a wooden floor I feel better than when they have tiles (that is earth).
Is this also why I always have been so passionate about protecting the environment? Who knows?
Anyway it is something to explore. See what works. But now you know why the colour of this weblog is green.
More about what I got from this chart in my next blog.
All the best,
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Where:  Tao Garden, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand
When:    14 january - 29 January 2007
My Taoist Course
Dear reader,
As I wrote in my earlier blog I spent two weeks to do two Taoist courses from the Universal Healing Tao: the Basics and the Fusion I course in Tao Garden with Thai Taoist master Mantak Chia. I will write some more in future logs about Taoism, but will now focus on my personal experience doing the course.
I had done the Basics course before in September 2006 in Romania, but there it ended up being such a mindblowing, healing experience, that I did not manage to remember a lot of the techniques. So I was only able to practice a few of them at home after the course. But even practicing those few every day for four months made a positive difference in my energy and my general mood.
The second week, Fusion, was new for me. It is a meditation to integrate the spirits of the different organs. That sounds a bit airy-fairy maybe, but it is the way the Taoists explain it. In short it is simply a technique to make you whole. You know that feeling, that one part of you wants to do do one thing )e.g. to get up) and another part wants something else (e.g. to stay in bed)? That, in a very day-to-day example of being disintegrated, not whole.  In the end, that is my limited understanding after a course of only one week, fusion, together with the other meditations and techniques help you to align and integrate body, soul and spirit so that there is no inner conflict anymore.
For me that is also the idea of making your life as a piece of art, or the anti-career. I'll write more about that as well. For me the anti-career is the outer reflection of your inner wholeness and alignment. So techniques such as Fusion can, I think, lay the basis for alignment in all aspects of your life.
Busy program
Good, I won't go into detail know. I just want to tell that the course was a nice update on my basic Taoist skills and it was also a nice social experience as I met many nice and interesting people.  
I found the program pretty busy. Starting with morning exercises at 7 am (and when I managed Tai Chi at 6.30), then with a break for breakfast on till 1 pm for Lunch. Then a break till 4.30 pm and on till 9.00 or 10.00 pm with a break for dinner. Doing some treatments (the place is not just a Taoist centre, but an holistic wellness centre) in the afternoon I felt I had too little time off. And then you end up chatting for too long since it is just so interesting or just great fun with the people you hang out with.  Because the course was both practice and theory you get a lot of information as well and I felt I needed more time for myself and to process it all.
On top of that I didn't sleep very well. So all in all again the retreat was an amazing experience, but I was also happy that after two weeks I good go my own way and have more time for myself.
It is as the Taoists teach, all about balance, all about the right balance between yin and yang, and where I am right now, a lot of time to meditate and contemplate and less new information seems like the right balance.
All the best,
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