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Welcome to Jeroensjourney 2!
Dear reader, Beste lezer,
Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
With love from Asia,
Jeroen Deva Geetesh (
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Liver Cleanse & Secrets of real health
Where: Tao Garden, Thailand,
Liver cleanse & Secrets of real health
Dear reader,
Every time I visit Tao Garden other 'imperfections' in my health are discovered and the natural cures to heal them provided. I say 'imperfections', because I have no health problems worth mentioning (for Western standards), but the Taoist (or Eastern or Chinese) way is not to wait till you get sick but to diagnose and cure imbalances in your health before they manifest as illness. In other words, it is all about prevention rather than waiting till you get sick and then cure the illness.
Perfect health?
The Chinese and the Indians (from India) have many centuries of experience of keeping people healthy and of diagnosing imbalances before they manifest as illnesses.  When I go to a western medical doctor he or she tells me that I am very healthy, but when I do a blood test and other tests in Tao Garden they tell me another story. There is always something, and I am always happy to hear that. Because that gives me a chance to improve my health.
Of course I know that western doctors know very very little about health and the causes of illness. All they have learned is to recognise illness and about which chemicals to prescribe to counter the symptoms of the illness. Did you know that prescription drugs are the 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th cause of death in the US (depending on which sources you use, Something to think about when your doctor sends you to a pharmacy... 
Despite what western doctors tell me I know that I am not completely healthy. I have back aches every now and then, in winter in Holland I often have colds, I am allergic to pollen and to cats and other pets,  every now and them I suffer from asthma, I sometimes in winter have problems with eczema, I have mild digestive problems from time to time, and I have regularly sleeping problems.
None of these health problems are really a problem in my everyday life. They are inconveniences and thanks to changes in diet (eczema), enough physical activity (asthma) and yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices (back aches, colds, sleeping problems) all of the above have become much less a problem in the previous years than in the past. But none of them are completely gone, so I continue to be interested in ways to heal this conditions. Western doctors are honest to say that they cannot really help me with any of these problems. Yes, I can use an inhalator for the rest of my life to battle my asthma or use hormone cream for my eczema, but these are not cures, they are only ways to control a problem and in the end damage the body in one way or another.
But I had already discovered that in some of these areas where Western doctors are useless, the Eastern medical arts can help. No farmaceutical sleeping pill will really help you get good quality sleep (hours yes, quality no), but as I experienced several times before: accupuncture can do wonders in this regard.

My liver problem
By studying my blood, one doctor in Tao Garden, had prescribed me a liver cleanse. After upsetting my digestive system by doing colonics I did not really feel like doing that. A few weeks later I had a consult with another doctor (a traditional western doctor, a natural and a chinese doctor), who told me after walking in his room: "you have liver stones, you need to do a liver cleanse". I knew he had not been in touch with the other doctor and I wondered how he knew. He then said, I see from the curve in your nose (my nose is not straight but bends to the left) that you have liver problem. I found this all pretty miraculous, but it was according to him common wisdom in Chinese Traditional Medicine.
He then went on that liver problems can be the cause of allergies, insomnia, frequent colds and many other health problems. Browsing the internet I also found out that almost 100% of all people who die from cancer have a severely damaged liver. The liver is our biggest organ and filters our blood off all kinds of toxins. In total there are some 300 different processes taking place in the liver. It is no surprise that the liver is so important for our health.
The Taoist view of the liver
In the Taoist system each of the 5 main organs store negative and positive emotions. The negative emotion of the liver is anger. In the previous years of healing and self-discovery I have discovered that anger is (beside worry) my main emotional problem. Or maybe, more neutrally phrased: my main imbalance.
So in a way I was not surprised to hear that my liver was in trouble.
A few weeks later this was confirmed when I did the healing sounds (for each of the 5 organs) with stretching. What you do is that you stretch the meridians. I am, after many years of yoga and stretching, overall very flexible, but when we streched the liver meridian I was one of the stiffest people in the group. So again, it all makes sense.
Liver cleanse
So I did a liver cleanse in Tao Garden and will do another one next Sunday at home. It is very simple with epson salts (magnesium sulphate) and olive oil and grapefruit juice. You can find the way to do it on many websites. See:
My experience was that it was not a big deal. Drink the drinks and spent some time between 8 am and 10 am on the toilet having diarrhoea. I had many many small (smaller than pea size) liver stones and one with a diameter of about 10 mm.  They are not really stones by the way. Much softer, but they do have a negative effect on the liver.
With the many many health improvements that can result from this procedure I am planning to keep doing a liver cleanse once a month untill no stones come out anymore. Another step closer to perfect health. Yipppeee.....
All the best,
P.S.: You might wonder. "If this is such a miracle cure, why did my doctor never tell me?" For me the answer is simple. Western doctors are not trained to keep you healthy and most have very little understanding what health really is and a limited toolbox to help you stay and become healthy. An example:
My doctor basically told me I could do nothing to ease my eczema apart from not using normal soap and using hormone cream every now and then, despite the negative effects that has on the thickness of the skin.
I then started reading about histamines and now can control my eczema completely with a low-histamine diet. My doctor never even mentioned the word 'histamine'.


Deh Haagh op 19-03-2008 23:23
It's a pitty that India is not around the cornor of my House, I would make sure I would become the most healthy person for miles around ;-)
jeroensjourney2 op 19-03-2008 23:27
Hoi Haagh,
Ik was net bij jou aan het schrijven. Wat een toeval!
Dit was in Thailand, hoor. Maar zeker een aanrader. En gelukkig kun je veel zelf ook thuis doen.
Deh Haagh op 19-03-2008 23:31
@Jeroen; Ach met het jachtige leven van hier komt daar wel eens de klad in, zeg maar ;-)
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