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Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
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Meditation and awakening
Meditation and awakening
Dear reader,  
Reading Jed McKenna giving out on spiritual bullshit and love and happiness fairytales, I started wondering myself. Did I somewhere get caught in the web of Maya, in the sweet slumber of the spiritual supermarket rather than being on a true path of growth and awakening? Almost all of what McKenna writes makes total sense to me. But then he talks in one sentence about incense, mantras and meditation as part of that New Age illusionary world of love and compassion. But actually, I do get what he means. Yes, mantras are just there to bring you in a trance, not to get any closer to awakening. Incense is just nice decoration and, indeed, meditation can be an escape from reality rather than diving into it. But at the same time meditation can be a tool to train observing, a tool which is very useful when you are observing the tricks of the ego.
I remember, some 10 years ago, I started (Buddhist) meditation. I wanted to be less stressed, more centred, more balanced, peace of mind, all that. I wanted to get something I didn’t have. It was nothing but spiritual greed. It was probably what Jed hinted about when talking with some disdain about mantras, incense and meditation. It indeed had nothing to do with a true thirst for truth.   But that was where I was then. I then did realise that my life and lifestyle had some negative side-effects, but at the same time I was still happy enough in the dream. So what I was looking for was some soothing, some plasters, not the spiritual surgery that is needed to open my eyes and see reality in the face.
But looking at what meditation is now: it can be much more than a plaster or spiritual tranquilliser.  It can be (should be?) about being with what is. I don’t anymore expect to feel better or different after meditation, although I often do, I just do it to ‘be’, to be with what is, good, bad, indifferent, busy mind, quiet mind, anger, frustration, silence, whatever. Jed apparently doesn’t have the background of meditation, it wasn’t his path. Nobody says you need to meditate to get enlightened.  
How I see it now is that meditation is a tool that makes the transition into Human Adulthood or into the awakened state smoother, and probably also, more likely. Real meditation, certainly when done during emotional work, helps you to look reality in the face even if you do not like it. It is a practice, so I have experienced, of being angry and staying with it, of being afraid and looking at it, of being sad and not wanting it to go away, of feeling depressed and just letting it be, of observing the mind without identifying with it.  
So meditation is not about ‘trying’ to calm the mind, it is not about ‘doing’ anything, it is not about ‘getting’ anywhere, it is about, contrary to what we are used to do, NOT running away from whatever it is we want to run away from. It is about seeing ourselves and all our emotions, thoughts, and ego-trips and then, eventually seeing that without all that, beyond all that, ‘we’ are still there. Something is still there. And just being with that, the observer, the silence, the emptiness, the nothingness, that of course is a great preparation for enlightenment because enlightenment is just that: dissolving the ego, realizing no-self, whatever you want to call it. Understood like this, meditation is (or at least can be) part of the path, the spiritual journey of waking up, because it is all about seeing what is, rather then what is not.  
But it is not surprising Jed is giving out so much about all the spiritual and New Age stuff. Don’t forget, he is an American living in America. A country where a dream, the material American dream, is seen as the highest goal in life, where people with two weeks of holidays a year are talking proudly about their ‘freedom’, a country where ‘positive thinking’ (e.g. denying the ‘negative’) is a national hype, a country where half of the population is drugging themselves (and their children!) with sleeping pills and anti-depressants, a country where, 90% beliefs in God, 80% in angels and 70% in Satan ( a shocking statistic I found somewhere) and where many belief that evolution is just a fiction because God created humans. We might be asleep here in Holland, but compared to that, the average American is in a deep coma. So from that state of consciousness and bondage the chance that meditation just becomes another religion with blind beliefs and pretty rituals is of course very likely. That is my understanding of Jed’s critical tone towards anything ‘spiritual’. But still, the trap of using spirituality as just another ego-trip and a way to stay asleep is one we should always carefully watch out for.  
But, and that’s a nice wake up call, very few people get enlightened by just meditating. Maybe Buddha did, but who knows what more he did then sitting under that Bodhi Tree? Osho talks about meditation, but also about deconditioning and seeing through your beliefs and bullshit. Dolano meditated like crazy for years but her ‘intensive satsang’ is all about tiring the mind with questions, stripping of the ego by exploring every dead end road the mind can walk. It is, I guess, something like guided Spritual Autolysis. So yes, I feel that, with reading Jed I am putting meditation in perspective as just one the tools that can help on the path of awakening but which also can be used by Maya to lull us back to sleep with inner peace, altered states of consciousness and whatever else our ego desires.  
Best regards,
Jeroen Deva Geetesh


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