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Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
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Awakened life (3) after Dolano Intensive
Awakened life after Dolano Intensive Satsang - 3

Dolano, as did Osho, introduced us to the idea of relating rather than ‘relationship’. Relating is something that happens in the here and now, relationship is a construct that tries to fit the other person in a fixed role and creates an idea in our head about what this relationship is. Making it a thing, rather than a happening.

Also in this case, I understood what Osho meant. But since the Intensive Satsang relating has become a reality. How does that look? For me it means that, often to my own surprise, I interact and relate to strangers in a way I previously did not do. What I also experience is that I am more curious and much less judgmental towards people I meet. Dolano talks about ‘relating to intelligence or the Buddha in everyone’ and I see that happen from time to time. It is lovely because it feels a bit like everyone is a friend or at least an interesting person to meet.
Before I had many judgments and ideas about people and I related to those judgments and ideas. I related to “what I thought these people were”, without really looking at what, who and how they were in that moment, without relating with reality.

Of course there are also moments I do not feel like relating. Being alone is, as it was before already, very pleasant too. With my girlfriend I can say that whether to ‘connect’ or not to ‘connect’ is less an issue. I really feel much freer in that than I did before. Together is fine, alone is fine. Connecting is fine, not connecting is fine.

Many people believe that enlightenment, or awakening (which is something else in the way Dolano uses the word) is being free from ‘negative’ emotions, but that is not the case in the way we, or at least I, believed it to be true. All emotions are still there but they have become almost irrelevant because it is so clear that they do not touch who I am.
What I have experienced in the previous weeks is that at times there is a lot of irritation. At other times there was a kind of sadness. Adyashanti says about the process after awakening that there is like a resetting of the body-mind. The vision has changed so radically, that the body and emotions need time to catch up with it. For me it feels like that. That somehow there is still some kind of ‘process’ going on.
But at the same time there is no feeling that I need to do anything about it. Whatever the emotion, it is totally fine. This again, for me, is a weird experience because it is so new.

The mind

“And what about the mind?”, you might wonder. More even than emotions, for me at least, the mind was what the path was all about. Leaving worries and mindfucks behind for eternal no-mind was the ultimate goal of the spiritual path. Or so I thought at least.
Now that the path has ended, the mind is still there, thoughts are still there, but, because there is much less identification with them, they are less a problem. Dolano talks about ‘liberating the mind’ and I feel that, to a large extent – the process hasn’t ended yet – this has happened. Not only is it easier now to be without thoughts, also when there are thoughts there is less stress with it. They come and go without me clinging to them or getting carried away with them. That is very very pleasant.

Extraordinarily ordinary

If you ask me to describe in short how life is ‘post-Dolano’ I would quote what Osho said about enlightenment: “it is ordinary, extraordinarily ordinary”.
At the one hand nothing has changed, on the other hand, because the vision has changed, everything seems to have changed. How to say? Seeing reality without the distortion and interpretation of the mind is ordinary. But this ordinariness is very rare and I have never experienced it before. So in that sense it is extraordinary.

Adyashanti said it in a very nice way. What we call the ‘normal’ state of consciousness is in reality an extremely altered state of consciousness. Our beliefs, imaginations, ideas, theories, distortions, ideologies, expectations, hopes, fears and creations create a reality that has little to do with reality. This is the dream state that almost everyone lives in and which makes that we are unable to see reality as it is.
Awakening from that dream state is nothing more than seeing reality directly, without all those filters and distortions that make reality something else. That, I can tell you, makes everything very ordinary, but because it is such a new way of looking it is also extraordinary.

Good, I am afraid I am only making sense for my fellow Dolano-goers or any other awakened or enlightened person. But this is the best I can do to describe it. The fact that I do not need to create anything anymore; that nothing needs to be amazing or special or divine or awesome anymore; that idealization and demonization has disappeared, makes that reality is ordinary, but that ordinariness is relaxing, beautiful and perfect.

I better leave it at this. Maybe good to end with a kind of disclaimer:
“The Tao that can be spoken about, is not the real Tao.” Lao Tzu
This is true for what I wrote before, that is why I wrote in terms of effects and experiences, which is difficult enough to put in words, and not about “truth” and “who am I” directly.

All the best,

Jeroen Deva Geetesh


Vlad op 16-09-2011 22:39
Hi. After Dolano, is there any separation or you can say "there's only That"?
jeroensjourney2 op 28-09-2011 12:46
Hi Vlad,

I know the talk about 'separation' and 'oneness' and could tell you things about it which would then create just another idea. But your question did make me wonder about this thing that some masters talk so much about. How is it for me?
The best I can say it is: There is no separation and there is no no-separation. The issue of separation or no separation just doesn't apply. Separation is an idea in the mind. It is imagined. With the falling away of this imagination the whole issue of separation falls away, blown into irrelevance.

So I cannot say much about it. What does separation mean for you? What are your ideas, beliefs and convictions about separation? Probably, despite asking the question about separation, you never really inquired into that issue. You never really asked yourself what does 'separation' mean for me?
You might have read about it in books, but then it is just another word kept in your mind.

So that would be my main answer: if you are really interested in what this 'separation' is, look into it. How do you create this sense of separation? Then you are going somewhere and will it lead you beyond theory, beliefs and book-knowledge. And of course I'd be very happy to hear what you found.
jeroensjourney2 op 28-09-2011 13:00
One last comment which might make it more clear. In the dream state, or what Dolano calls 'boundary vision' we might feel separate or lonely or whatever we imagine (and once we'll imagine it we'll experience it).
And because that doesn't feel good we imagine this enlightened state, beyond separation, where 'all is one' and 'all is well'.

I am by no means saying that it is not like that. It is only that what we imagine from the dream state is not the way it is in the awakened state.
I clearly remember how before Dolano I had my ideas about the end of separation. Which in my case, and maybe it is the same for you, were about 'connection'. I thought that 'if I don't experience separation, I will experience 'connection'.

What happened then with me was that I imagined 'being connected' with everything around me. But of course that meant there was a 'me' being connected with 'everything else'. The problem here is that this 'me' is an imagination. Before awakening you do not know who you are and thus you can get lost in this imaginary 'me' being connected with everything else or being separated from everything else.

So the issue is not connection or separation, the issue is that this 'me' is an illusion, a mind creation. Is the dream I had last night connected with 'everything else' or is it 'separated from everything else'? That's a stupid question of course because it is neither because the dream was not real. It was just imagination: neither connected nor separated, just not real.
Jeroen Buis op 19-01-2014 13:01

Hello Jeroen, I was looking for Dolano extra info (i am so thirsty) and i find you. This i am going to tell you its the most amazing experience i had in my life and would like to share with you. I am a 40 year old from Ibiza, where i still live. I enjoy the simplest things of life and had always been very thankfull for how lucky i am for realizing life is a beautiful miracle. I never even thought about practicing meditation, never had a spiritual kind of life... but some months ago i red a book and followed "an easy meditation exercise" . So i closed my eyes, started breathing, put all the emerging thoughts away and left my mind in calm, and after a little while something happened: there was my body of course (i was breathing) there was my mind for sure, and suddenly i realized was somebody else there observing my mind, i was that other presence. I was not my mind!!!! This feeling was like inside of me was an abyss of calm, and my mind was a kind of shield that made of all this things like fear of course, and pride or caution or so many many others, to protect me... then from this presence came the answer that i dont need to be protected, so eternal i was... wooooow!!!! From that moment i have been so thirsty to know how to get in this presence again. I meditated, asked, searched, and found out i had a espontaneous Satori. I heard Mooji, Gangaji and finally i found Dolano. When i listened to the way she explained things in open satsang i felt full recognition and wrote to her to go to Pune. She adviced me to not to be in a hurry and listen to all satsangs (i forgot telling her in my enquiry that i was absolutely hooked to her tapes, hahaha, very surprising por a person who wouldnt had understood a word before Satori and now Dolano was like music to my ears) I am in the path, and decided to go to Pune whenever dolano thinks i am ready. Noticed that after last satsang you stopped writting this blog, please i would love to know more of your experience, if you would like to share. I hope you check this some time, haha... if its possible write to my email address which i check daily. Thanx in anticipation!! Best wishes from your curious spanish friend. Vanesa. 

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