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Welcome to the weblog that follows on Here I will update you on my experiences in Thailand and India, and my personal inner or spiritual journey. After my healing journey described on (with also information about Buddhism, meditation, Taoism and other healing practices), this weblog, from early 2007, relates about further healing and spiritual growth for an increasingly happy and true life.
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Awakened life after Dolano Intensive Satsang
A new life after Dolano Intensive Satsang
28 April / 11 May 2011

Doing Intensive Satsang with Dolano has, without any doubt, been the most life-changing ‘thing’ I have ever done. I am writing here about it for myself and to share it with others who have done the intensive from whom I’d love to hear their experiences ‘post-Dolano’ or comments on what I wrote. How has it been for you after ‘Dolano’?
Whether for others reading this text makes any sense I don’t know, but I will try to write it in a way that it is also accessible for other advanced seekers on the path who might be interested in doing Dolano Intensive Satsang.   She is an enlightened master in India who facilitates a one-month transformational process which she also calls ‘The last satsang’ or ‘The end of the path’.
For more on Dolano, including open Satsangs you can listen to, see: or  
I spent more than a month after Intensive Satsang in Thailand and had two work-visits to Turkey of a week each, but I won’t write about that now.
“Now” is after a few weeks back home in the Netherlands. Weeks of beautiful sunny weather enjoying nature, cycling or walking and getting the house and my administration in order.

The end of the path

So what is life like post-Dolano? It is difficult to give a straight answer to that. It is both beautiful and weird. The biggest shock for me, even though Dolano announced it before, is that Dolano Intensive Satsang really IS the end of the path, the spiritual path, that is. Of course I had heard that before the satsang, but even then, to experience it so strongly is a shock. In the past five years the spiritual path was my life. It was my main interest, it was what drove me, inspired me and defined me. Work, which always had been a top-priority in my life, had become secondary and the main purpose of it had become to earn money to do workshops, groups, retreats and courses and to travel to India and Thailand for that same reason.
Yes, being a Sannyasin, a seeker for truth had become my main identity and life purpose.

That, I discovered to my own surprise, is now all history. It is not that I let go of the path. It just dropped. The path led to the cliff and Dolano pushed us off. So even if I want to look for the path, it is no more there. For me this is really weird. Something that was so important not that long ago is suddenly gone. 

Take for instance the groups. Already in my last group, the meditative therapy called Mystic Rose, I found out half-way that it was no more true. The poor-me (hi)story that was always there to help me access emotions did not work anymore because I saw that it was not me. I saw that if I did not create or remember the story, the emotion would not come up. I saw it was a remembrance, something that I needed to ‘do’, and thus something that was not a reality here and now.
And now, five months later,  even reading about groups and therapies and workshops, that oh-so-familiar excitement about doing that group or process is totally gone. There is no more interest at all, which is really weird.

Or take for instance meditation. Meditation was for me one of the most important tools on the path and it was something I missed if I did not do it. Now there is neither a need nor a desire to do it, because that what I was looking for in meditation is there all the time. I used meditation as a tool to connect with myself, with silence beyond the mind. Now, with a different vision, the whole idea of ‘connecting with myself’ or ‘connecting with silence’ is simply ridiculous. Still, sitting quietly doing nothing is very pleasant. Actually more relaxing and pleasant than it was before in meditation because now there is nothing that needs to be changed anymore. Sitting still and quietly now is nothing more than recognizing again what is eternally true – that which Dolano pointed us to - and that indeed is very relaxing.

Without identity

So this is the good news. But no more being a seeker and no more being identified with my work or profession is also disorienting. Anyone on the path has heard the masters talk about no-identity or becoming a no-body. But suddenly realizing that all I identified with in the not very distant past is gone is weird, to say the least. I see my mind looking for something to replace the old identities but failing time after time. Gone is gone.
Of course I could create something. But that would just be falling back in the ditch of the boundary vision as Dolano calls it. A chanceless endevour which doesn’t lead anywhere.

At the moment, I have to say, this often feels as emptiness.  Most of the time it is a relief and relaxation, but some of the time it feels like I lost something. Then there is a feeling of “Now what?”
Not that long ago I considered working as therapist or meditation leader, but, at least now, this doesn’t feel like an obvious thing to do at all anymore and is even something Dolano advised against. I now understand why.

To be continued...


Omnipleasant op 13-05-2011 14:47
Hei Jeroen, Proficiat!
Misschien ben je hier iets mee, vooral het stukje over de Five Ranks of Tozan .
jeroensjourney2 op 13-05-2011 21:44
Dank je Omnipleasant,
Eerlijk gezegd kan ik met het stukje van Kenneth Folk niet zoveel. Misschien is dat omdat ik het over 'awakening' heb en hij over 'enlightenment', iets wat Dolano duidelijk scheidt maar door velen als synoniem wordt gebruikt.

Ik ken die modellen van verschillende 'stadia' van verlichting wel (arahat, bodhisattva, etc.) van mijn Boeddhistische periode en ook van Osho, maar vermoed dat die vooral modellen, dus versimpelingen van de werkelijkheid, zijn: Interessant voor zoekers op het pad, maar niet voor de verlichten waarover het gaat.

Maar wie weet. Misschien komt er een moment dat deze woorden wel betekenis voor me hebben. Voor mij is nu bijvoorbeeld Osho herlezen, met een nieuwe visie, een feest van herkenning van woorden die me voorheen wel inspireerden maar die ik in retrospect gezien niet echt begreep. 
Om nog maar te zwijgen van de onvoorstelbare helderheid (clarity) waarmee Adyashanti over awakening schrijft.

Omnipleasant op 14-05-2011 08:54
Kun je wat uitleg geven over dit onderscheid tussen awakening en enlightenment?
jeroensjourney2 op 14-05-2011 12:33
Ja, ik kan daar wel iets over zeggen.Ik zal dat doen in een aparte blog en wil dat wel in het Nederlands doen. Kortom, wordt (spoedig) vervolgd...
Omnipleasant op 14-05-2011 14:18
Tof! :)
jason op 28-05-2015 22:07

hey Jeroen..

id be relly intersetd in knowing how life is now from when you wrote this post 4 years ago.

wity kindness


Jeroen op 31-05-2015 16:13

Hi Jason,Thank you for your post. I will write an update soon. In short, life has brought me plenty to deal with to fasten a further liberation of the mind. And I went back to Dolano last winter which was great. Made a big difference for me dealing with challenges at work.

You'll read more from me soon.All the best,


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